The Juliá family is synonymous with Spanish guitar, in the last four decades

Mr. Jaime Juliá Abad relationship with the world of guitar dates back to 1973 and, from this date to the present, he is linked to this world in all its aspects.

His children Luis Juliá, Lucas Juliá and Juan Juliá started our own company in 2010 after having dedicated more than ten years to the world of guitar.


3-Year Warranty

"for any manufacturing defect"

Luis Juliá has collaborated with different universities


It should be noted that we have collaborated with different universities. Polytechnic University of Valencia and Universidade do Porto, in research projects that later, have led to improvements in series models.

We are in continuous contact with world-class concert performers, to adapt our products to the needs of all guitarists.

Lucas Juliá and Juan Juliá luthiers

Lucas Juliá and Juan Juliá also have a great experience because, in addition to being luthiers, they were in charge of quality control of Alhambra guitars.

3-Year Warranty

Due to our great experience in the world of guitar, we are proud to offer you these high quality instruments, and with a 3 year warranty for any manufacturing defect.